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Venture capital

In late 2009 Euroventures won the mandate to manage the Co-Investment Fund of the JEREMIE Program. As a result Euroventures IV Venture Capital Fund was established with HUF 4 billion shared capital and it started its activity in February 2010.

This Fund was matched with an additional HUF 3.1 billion by Swiss Government contribution in September 2011. The investment period ends at the end of May, 2016.

The aim of the Co-Investment Fund is to facilitate private individuals to invest in Hungarian SMEs by providing the following benefits:

  • Euroventures provides 70% of the total investment, mitigating the risk of the Co-investor's investment and increasing his or her return
  • Euroventures is ready to grant the majority of its profit on its investment over the approximately 7-9% hurdle rate to its Co-investor(s)
  • The Euroventures team coordinates the investment process and supports the Co-investor with its experience
  • to make a comprehensive due diligence Euroventures can advise on selection of experts and advisors to support due diligence.
  • Euroventures' reputation and international business network can contribute to the success of the target company.
  • Euroventures can help its co-investors to monitor and to control the investment.


Our co-investor can be any private individuals as well as companies with transparent ownership and control. The co-investor needs to be independent of the target company and may not be its owner or creditor.  He or she should have an excellent reputation, solid financial status and a commitment to support and monitor the investee company until the exit. The Co-investor and Euroventures cannot invest further into the target company without the other in the holding period.